Why Greece?

A flight from Israel to Greece takes only 90 minutes and allows both real control and profit from an investment in a property that can also be used as a personal holiday apartment. The climate in Greece is very similar to the climate in Israel – in most of the country's territory there is a Mediterranean climate. Greeks are known as proud people, patriotic, hospitable which are deeply attached to their culture and has a similar mentality to us, the Israelis. It is well known, that in recent years Greece is in an economic crisis, but lately it can be noticed that Greece is no longer on the headlines and is in the beginning of the process of emerging from the crisis.



Alexis Tsipras, the prime minister, has a wide support among the Greeks and abroad and is a symbol of integrity and of the fight in corruption. During the grueling negotiations that were held between Greece and the leaders of the Euro Block, Tsipras won the public support an support from world's leading economists. Tsipras resigned on August 2015 in light of the people resistance to economic policies that were dictated as part of the assistance package, and in order to strengthen the coalition.

He was then reelected on 20.09.2015 by a majority vote, indicating the onset of political stability and the commitment and mobilization of the people to rising out of the crisis. This is evident from the decline in the unemployment rate, by increased tax revenues, the decrease in black capital and an increase in credit card use.

Finally, It should be remembered that Greece is a wonderfully diverse country, offering visitors a whole world: Ancient cities, archaeological sites of worldwide importance, impressive monasteries, green mountains, forests and rivers of water, picturesque villages, sunny beaches and beautiful islands. Therefore, it is clear that Greece provides a rare combination of climate, nature, culture and history that have made it a major venue for tourism and investment and will leave it as such for many years.

"In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity"

(Albert Einstein)