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If you don’t own a home, buy one. If you own a home, buy another one. If you own two homes, buy a third. And, lend your relatives the money to buy a home.

John Paulson, investor and multi-billionaire

Back to our beginning in 2014, as pioneers in the Greek Real Estate market, until today – that we manage thousands of square meters in Athens and Crete, for dozens of clients each year, running more than 20 Greek S.A. companies – we’ve stayed true to our values : excellent customer experience with an initial focus on client’s satisfaction, their peace of mind and their prosperity.

We work hard to earn your trust and will work harder to ensure the success of your investments and to provide the A -to -Z professional solutions for entire services!

Our approach to assets’ management includes 360-degrees solutions for all aspects you might need for investing in Greece:

A detailed consultation in order to set properly all expectations and prepare the client for the investment, advising about every phase of the  process through the transaction (On-line consultations via Zoom, Skype, Whats app, Viber, Telegram are available).

Providing an extensive market analysis: the most investment location hotspots, exclusive off markets deals, latest prices and all market trends based on accurate market statistics

Determination of the most appropriate investments for the client with a particular attention to his needs and financial abilities. Due to our deep knowledge and vast experience we can pinpoint to the best real estate deals with an attractive overall yield potential, added value and high upside

Preparation of a comprehensive business plan for each property

Conducting effective negotiations with the seller for the best terms, time frame and purchase price

Utilization of professional services of the most competent specialists: lawyers, leading technical engineers, constructors, architects, insurance brokers, integrated facilities management companies

Undertaking the process of obtaining all the necessary licenses and permits including building permits

Effective, simple, and fast opening of a bank account in Greece for private customers and companies (on-line process is available as well)

Applying for credit on behalf of the investor

Establishment of Greek SPV’s, including entire support with all documentation required for it

Issuance of a tax number. It is a requirement of the Greek State that every transacting party has its unique tax number before acquiring real estate

Assisting with various taxation aspects and notary services

Signing the purchase agreement and its translation if needed (the original one is signed in Greek)

Verifying registration of the transaction in the land registry office

Undertaking the procedure to obtain Residence Permit in Greece if needed

Key agreements with third parties: EY Israel and Athens (Ernst & Young) of EY Global, a leading accounting firm; Amit Pollak Matalon & Co – a highly reputable Israeli law firm, Interasco Insurance Company (a subsidiary of Harel Group), etc.

After Sales

At Finders we provide to our clients a full range of management services for the property with the highest professional standards that meet all your needs: taking care of every aspect of administration, legal framework, payments, marketing, letting, selling, maintaining the properties and keeping them safe and secure.

Our comprehensive fully managed package includes:

Property Appraisal

Issuance an insurance policy

Transferring utilities into client’s names

Payment of all bills and dealing with the local authorities

Furnishing and decorating the asset for rental

Online and offline marketing of the client’s property on company’s website and International well-known portals

Zoom conferences and workshops with top local real estate agents

Accompanying potential buyers/tenants personally to view the property so as to be able to reassure and encourage the potential buyers/tenants

Arranging on-line ,video tours (Skype, Zoom, Whats app, Viber) of the properties with full explanation and support

Dealing with legal aspects of the tenancy and property, including evictions and non-payment

Managing and arranging any necessary repairs using our in-house maintenance team

Inspecting the property periodically and feeding back any comments to you advising of any works required

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